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Quite as much attention is necessary to draw animals as to draw the human figure properly. Animal drawing seems to be a gift by itself that few possess. For one thing, as a rule, animals do not pose quietly. They have no sense of duty in that respect. Therefore, it is usually necessary to resort to some sort of copy in order to draw them. A photograph, however, is not always obtainable and, for the beginner, is exceedingly difficult to copy from.

A pupil should, for this reason, be permitted to copy freely

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from the examples in this chapter a chapter, by the way, that does not pretend to be a natural history.

In Shading Animals represented by drawings use delicately placed lines. Curved lines, radiating rather than paralleling, produce the best effects. Edges of shadows should blend, rather than make harsh contrasts; in the case of a drawing of a lion, however, in order to cause the effect of fierceness, stronger gradations may be used.

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Insects and other specimens of the lower order of animal life lend themselves for pictorial display of a pleasing nature. Grasshoppers sometimes remain quiet for a long time, especially when no longer alive and, therefore, are apt to be model models. The slow-going snail presents for inspection many graceful lines, and, like some other mollusks, offers a fine opportunity for the study of the spiral in form.

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An Easter Suggestion. A good subject for an Easter card. Draw with very li^ht pencil marks. Then color, and after-

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